the planet has 99 problems … a strengths focus on our environmental impact

Think of something you need to do. Anything. If I told you that you needed to do it, would you feel grateful? Likely not.

We are all [ usually ] keenly aware of our deficits. But we still have them because we’re not so sure about solutions. We don’t know what to do. If we knew what to do, we’d have done it already. It’s tough when you spend all your time thinking about now, about what is wrong, or not working. It’s OVERWHELMING. It’s dark. And lonely. There’s not a lot of motivation happening there.


In a beautiful TedX, Nic Marks from the Happy Planet Index tells us:

‘Stop thinking that the future will be a nightmare. For too long we have focused on a worst case scenario, on the problems, and we have not thought enough about solutions. We have used fear to motivate change. And any psychologist will tell you that fear engages the flight mechanism. Think of a deer. People are freezing. And running away, because we are using fear.’

It’s time to make a shift ; from a problem focus  to solutions –


Isn’t it calmer here? Is your head clearer? Can you think? Let alone daydream about solutions? Welcome – you belong here.

If we are going to change anything we need  role models, inspiration, room to dream. We need to feel like we may just be ok or we won’t lift a finger because it won’t matter anyway. We need to be motivated, empowered to see just how strong and capable we are, and we need other people to believe in us and our solutions too. We need to know we are not crazy.

Can you help me build a little optimism on this one? What helps you move forward? What eco-dream are you shooting for?



2 thoughts on “the planet has 99 problems … a strengths focus on our environmental impact

  1. Catherine N. says:

    I agree 100% with this philosophy.
    I’ve been doing something lately that I call sharing “light stories”. It’s any story that has a positive twist to it: an inspiring person that made a difference in the world, that one good deed a stranger did to you today, etc. I’m taking those good stories and milking them all I can by sharing them whenever I get the chance. So far, mixed responses – some people think I’m crazy and want nothing to do with my random stories, some others think there’s some light in them. But at least it makes MY day better to keep repeating the stories and reminding myself that there’s good out there.

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