Happiness is handmade

nothing's gonna change my world.png

Happiness is handmade. And handmade is green. Handmade is a way to practice traditional skills. And stay the heck out of the mall. Putting a lil’ love into the things that we create, keep and give away. Staying mindful and relaxed, harnessing your zen through a creative outlet.

We grew up hearing that the best ways to live a green life and be kind to our planet are to Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.

I want to add a 4th R – r’handmakeit.

And when you’re handmakinit, try reducing consumption at the same time – using reused and recycled materials. I was so fortunate to befriend a beautiful maker, Yolanda, at https://www.nestandnurture.ca/ who makes the most beautiful children’s clothing out of new and reclaimed fabrics [ psst HANDMADE – check. it. out. ]. And one day I was even MORE fortunate that she gave me 8 garbage bags full of fabric scraps. It was actually hard work – stuffing them in my car, lugging them around, washing and sorting – and then I was in heaven. So with my little green thumbs (and fingers) I got to work and started making these woodland lovies. Bunnies, and Foxes, and Deer – Oh My! They are no less lovely and no less cherished by their new owners because they are made of second-hand scrap fabric.


my sweet little niece Autumn with her little lovie


this bunny is peeking out of a Nest and Nurture Nora Tunic: https://www.nestandnurture.ca/collections/nora-tunics


checkit this little stinker sneaking away with the whole lot of em!

Do you have a favorite green handmade hobbie? Should I try it? I’m wearing my bravery pants – just teach me how.


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