A beginner’s guide to green your laundry routine like a boss

a beginner's guide to green your laundry routine like a boss.png

Eco-journeys all start somewhere. Mine starts in a pretty typical household. I have a washer, dryer, I’m on the grid, there is food packaging in my cupboards, and I have a garbage can. I care about finding ways to do it differently, and I hope you’re still ok with me.

I do look around my home [ all. the. time.  ] and try to find more eco-friendly solutions that will work for us. Us being myself, my man friend, and my dog. Do you have any ideas? I like to think I’d try just about anything.

Indoor heating solutions is one of the ones that stumps me often, but laundry? I thought I had that sh*t on a leash.

Step 1 – detergent

Our local grocery store carries a few options for environmentally friendly laundry detergent. My favorite right now is Ecomax Lavender Scent. Plant-based detergent in a recycled and recyclable bottle. I know – right?! I couldn’t handle how excited I was to find that one.

Step 2 – all the clothing racks

The ones that go outside and collapse down for storage? I got those. The ones that didn’t know they were clothing racks until you hung wet clothes on them – like bannisters, railings, doors and chairs? I got those. And when we purchased our home my handy-man installed a rod above our washer and dryer where we all have unused, wasted space. I’m very proud of it – see?


Step 3 – dryer balls

Checkit these cuties – have you discovered dryer balls yet? For the times you do need your dryer, these little babies fluff up your laundry making that beast of a machine more efficient, drying your clothing faster, and reducing the amount of time you need to run that energy sucking monster. I have these too!


punky-creative dryer balls by Splat & Co in Kelowna, BC: http://splatandco.com https://www.facebook.com/SplatAndCo/?fref=ts

Step 4 – keep trying

I’m still super curious about how to go even further –

  • Homemade reusable dryer sheets is a thing that I haven’t managed to figure out yet. Have you tried it? Any tips?
  • Wearing clothing more than once saves on laundry too. Obviously some items are off limits and are strictly one time then wash necessities. But jeans, tees, sweaters, pjs and towels are all up for at least 2 uses.
  • Capsule wardrobes. Owning less clothes = wearing less clothes = doing less laundry … right? If you haven’t heard of it, a capsule wardrobe is a minimalist wardrobe where you ensure that you truly look fabulous in and love each item you own, and that they are [ as much as possible ] interchangeable pieces that look great together and can be used to make as many possible outfits with as few possible items. Have you tried one of these minimalist closet strategies? Does it work?

Even at the level of eco-brilliance I had reached, I thought I was doing alright. Until I was looking around on Indiegogo to see what kind of eco-brilliance was being pursued in our world and found Drumi. A people powered, low-water usage, portable, eco-friendly washing machine?! According to their campaign, their machine can run with only 5 – 10L of water compared to a typical machine’s 50L. I thought ‘yeah, ok, I dig that, but it must take forever’. Nope. 5 minutes. It does only handle small loads but what better way to encourage you to wear your clothing multiple times, and minimize your wardrobe than to get intimately connected to the process of washing your clothes?

I couldn’t help thinking about ‘there is no away‘ slogans encouraging us to reduce our use of landfills and be more mindful about about our trash. We can use a little more mindful in our lives no? With Drumi, no more stuffing the electrical beast and walking away.

I love it, and it’s obvious by their success meeting 224% of their fundraising goals that others do too. Well done Drumi. Bravo.

Check out Drumi’s Indiegogo campaign at https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/drumi-the-foot-powered-washing-machine-design-green#/



One thought on “A beginner’s guide to green your laundry routine like a boss

  1. Catherine N. says:

    Wow I learned so much from this post – thank you! I don’t do ANY of this yet (aside from hanging my clothes indoors on a very ugly folding rack. Your actual hanging rack looks amazing). As for the washing machine, there is a hand-crank one that is on the market already – my college roommate got one to save $$ by not having to go to the laundromat, and seemed satisfied by its economical purpose.

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