what if we are all risking everything by doing nothing at all?

This year spring came late. I was walking my dog in March and thinking about how I’d moved to British Columbia for the warmer climate that just wasn’t here yet. It was snowing and I was bundled up in all my warmest winter gear. And then I stopped in my tracks in a moment of panic :

what if we are risking everything by doing nothing at all5.png

‘what if we did it? What if we really effed with nature too much? And what if summer isn’t coming? But none of us knew. Last summer when it was our last summer, we didn’t know that – so we didn’t take advantage of it, we didn’t enjoy it enough, and we didn’t save it. What if summer doesn’t come back and we could’ve saved it but we didn’t bother?’ [ turns out summer came ].

But then last night we got this incredible wind storm that was out of this world. And while the patio furniture was knocking about and the windows were shaking I kept waking up thinking ‘nature’s pissed. we’re in for it now’.

what if we are risking everything by doing nothing at all2.png

I’m not usually such a pessimist [ see my post on a solution focus for environmental issues ] but this is a thought that creeps up every now and again and turns my blood cold. Sometimes I wonder if we have wired ourselves so resiliently, or if we are protecting ourselves too snug in our bubbles, that we won’t actually do anything to combat climate change until it’s too late.

It’s that same principle that tells you you’ll do better tomorrow, and believes that there is always a tomorrow and it will always have a clean slate for us to start from. And the same belief in forgiveness, taken to the extreme, where we forgive ourselves daily for not doing better even though we know how. It’s believing that if you don’t look, it’s not happening; and if you don’t pay attention to your mistakes, they don’t count as much. It’s trying to think ourselves out of a problem that requires some doing and trying to wish away the consequences we called on for ourselves. It’s heavy and it’s dark and it’s bumming me out.

what if we are risking everything by doing nothing at all3.png

Because I believe you can do better and that better isn’t un-fun or too hard to do. If you’ve forgotten that, please remember that you are so capable and powerful that you can change your world and create better tomorrows than your yesterdays were. And that you are fucking brilliant. And even if you feel that your actions are just a drop in the bucket, a drop in the bucket, multiplied by 7 billion is a whole heckuvalot.

what if we are risking everything by doing nothing at all4.png

  • say ‘no’ to more
  • walk
  • ride a bike
  • eat your veggies & less meat
  • turn the lights off
  • unplug. play
  • thrift it
  • recycle
  • use reusable
  • grow something good
  • offset your carbon
  • buy local
  • do something

One thought on “what if we are all risking everything by doing nothing at all?

  1. Cathy MacKinnon says:

    I think about the same things Sarah. Quite often as a matter of fact. Only a fool would not. It’s what prompts me to contribute to the David Suzuki Foundation and live the way I do. Our changing climate is hard to ignore. I was optimistic when Trudeau became our PM because he seemed to be clued in and have a lot of backbone. His actions and decisions have been disappointing. I believe that true change to help the planet heal will be coming from grassroots organizations and indigenous peoples who understand the true value of water and other natural resources and are prepared to lay everything they have on the line to protect them. Remain hopeful and be part of the change. That is all anyone can do and when and if people say to you, “Do you really think the things you are doing will make any difference?” say to them with as much conviction as you can muster “You’re damn right I do”.

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