little green dress

little green dress a spotlight on eco-friendly fashion

Welcome back to my Little Green Dress spotlight series. If you missed our earlier spotlights, check out my features on Rubypearl, Kimmi Designs, Pondhopper Studio, Green Market Vintage, and last week’s Perch Traveling BoutiquePerch Traveling Boutique.

I started this spotlight series after perusing Etsy for summer clothes and being blown away by the talent that people have creating beautiful fashions that are eco-friendly. And I wondered, what would it look like to spotlight all of them in one place? [ like here?! ]

Today I’m featuring Emmevielle. I stumbled on this dress on Instagram from @emmevielle and thought it would be a great dress for a summer beach party or evening out. When I realized that it was hand painted I thought it was effing brilliant. I reached out to Emmevielle who was happy to be featured.

Tell me about you and your shop

First and foremost, I am a mixed bag. I took a roundabout way to finding my true passion. I am trained in Latin and classical Greek with a graduate degree in Applied Linguistics. Thrift shopping had always been my way of relaxing and recharging. Little did I know that it would become integral to my business.

Years ago, a friend told me about Etsy. At that tiime, I had been making coats for little girls. I decided to try Etsy and I loved it. Over time, my creative expression evolved to designing upcycled clothing.

What inspires you to run an eco-friendly business?

I am a clothing designer who finds inspiration in the cast off goods at thrift stores. To me, thrift stores offer endless possibilities for creativity – I really look forward to shopping every week.

Years ago while shopping, I happened to pick up 2 pieces that appealed to me. That’s when something clicked; I realized that the 2 pieces would look even better combined. Up until then, I had only sewn with new fabrics – mostly winter coats for little girls.

When I put the 2 pieces together, I realized that this would be my new direction in sewing. I decided to work almost exclusively with recycled clothing. It brought together the 2 things I love – thrift shopping and sewing. It was a bonus that this was an eco-friendly direction to take.

My shop mainly offers upcycled, reconstructed clothing. From time to time, I do work with new fabric when something really catches my eye. I feel really good about what I do.

Do you have an eco-friendly mantra that you live by?

The mantra I live by is to do the most with what I have. I shop at about 3 thrift stores each week and I am always looking for the unique, colorful possibilites that I can create. My focus is to create something beautiful out of clothing ‘soulmates’ with different backgrounds. It is incredible when different pieces click to develop something extraordinary.

do the most you can with what you have reuse reclaim upcycle.png

I have found my passion! The gritty trips to the usually bad neighborhoods make thrifting challenging sometimes. But I find it to be so worth it. When I achieve my vision for a particular piece, there really is no better feeling for me. Sewing is a creative outlet for me.



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