little green dress

little green dress a spotlight on eco-friendly fashion

If this is your first time stopping by my blog – hello and thank you. I’m Sarah and I started Saving Sarah Grace hoping that I can help inspire people to consider living an eco-friendly lifestyle. This is my Little Green Dress spotlight series – where I’ve featured Rubypearl, Kimmi Designs, Pondhopper Studio, and last week’s Green Market Vintage.

I was ‘window shopping’ on Etsy for some summer clothing and started to notice that there are some seriously talented people creating beautiful fashions that are eco-friendly. And I wondered, what would it look like to spotlight all of them in one place? [ like here?! ] So I started the Little Green Dress series highlighting all the awesome I found.

This week I am SO excited to be featuring my dear friend Robyn and her business Perch Traveling Boutique [ a beautiful blue fashion bus ] and Perch E-Boutique.

little green dress a spotlight on eco-friendly fashion perch traveling boutique7

Tell us about you and your shop

It was New Year’s Eve 2012. Friends from the States were in town to help us celebrate.  Sometime during that visit, I was introduced to the concept of a mobile boutique. “You have got to see this shop called Lodekka! And right next door is another little gem called Wanderlust!” gushed my dear friend.  So, of course, we searched the world wide web…. and there they were…. two charming vintage shops, one housed inside a double-decker bus and one in a tiny trailer. At that moment my world changed.  I knew I had to have a mobile vintage boutique, and the concept of Perch Travelling Boutique was born.

little green dress a spotlight on eco-friendly fashion perch traveling boutique12.jpg

Our first attempt at a mobile shop was with a renovated concession stand, somewhat like a trailer. We used it for one season, but at 8′ x 10′, it simply wasn’t big enough. We started hunting for something different. We took a look at countless trailers and tour buses, and finally we found it; the perfect headquarters for my travelling boutique… a twenty two foot school bus!  She was classic school bus yellow, and covered in a layer of grime, but she had good bones.

perch travelling boutique

how sweet is this little blue bus? PS : it’s upcycled!

We brought her home and little by little transformed the old bus  into a sparkling shop, complete with laminate floors, shelves and racks for clothes, a tiny~ yet functional~change room and a new coat of robin’s egg blue paint!  A bit later I added lettering and illustrations to the exterior.

little green dress a spotlight on eco-friendly fashion perch traveling boutique10.jpg

it’s dreamy in here …

The rest is history! We filled the blue bus with all sorts of vintage treasures: clothing to accessories, housewares to books.  And off we went to events and community markets, making friends and wow-ing passer-bys wherever we went.

little green dress a spotlight on eco-friendly fashion perch traveling boutique4

The successes I’ve had with Perch makes my heart swell with pride. I accomplished my goal of creating an inviting, charming, unique mobile shop unlike any other retail boutique in the Okanagan. What is  next for Perch?  Who knows? The sky’s the limit!

perch e boutique

Perch e-boutique was born last night! Stay in touch to see what gets added to the inventory here

little green dress a spotlight on eco-friendly fashion perch traveling boutique11

My mobile shop is the cornerstone of my vintage clothing business. It is the first of its kind in the Okanagan.

What does running an eco-friendly business mean to you?

Being eco friendly is a side effect of ‘buying vintage’. When you buy, and wear, vintage clothing you aren’t contributing to fast fashion and consumerism. The quality and longevity of vintage clothing makes it easy to reduce the time and money spent replacing today’s cheaply made clothes.

little green dress a spotlight on eco-friendly fashion perch traveling boutique14.jpg

Do you have an eco-friendly mantra you live by?

It may be a bit cliche but my eco-mantra is ‘reduce, reuse, recycle’. I feel like that’s what I’m doing everyday and it’s been a way to find joy in my work.

reduce reuse recycle oldschool mantra from a vintage girlboss



3 thoughts on “little green dress

  1. Judy Flinn says:

    This is a charming ariticle …the Blue Bus is owned by my Beautiful Niece Robyn Flinn…Her talents are amazing and she leaves no dream unfullfilled….Shes a real inspiration…..congrats Robyn on a JOB WELL DONE….

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