Little green dress

little green dress a spotlight on eco-friendly fashion

If this is your first time catching a Little Green Dress spotlight – welcome to the series! First up was Rubypearl, which you can catch up on here. Then I featured Kimmi Designs, and last week’s feature on Pondhopper Studio can be found right here.

I was ‘window shopping’ on Etsy for some summer clothing and started to notice that there are some seriously talented people creating beautiful fashions that are eco-friendly. And I wondered, what would it look like to spotlight all of them in one place? [ like here?! ] So I started the Little Green Dress series highlighting all the awesome I found.

Ohmyheart I couldn’t believe it when I stumbled across this listing from Cheryl at Green Market Vintage – and I had to reach out to get to know her :

When I dug a little deeper in her shop and found these jackets I kind of lost my mind –

Tell me about you & your shop:
I began on etsy with a Vintage Button Bracelet shop – but morphed into a clothing seller as well when I realized that it’s much more fun to shop vintage clothing when I could look for gems in all sizes. That’s how Green Market Vintage was born.  I am able to stretch my brain with the business & marketing ends, express some aesthetic sense for staging & design & more recently I employ my sewing skills to create the Green Market line of upcycles and fringes. Having long enjoyed photography – I find it fun to take silly snaps and colorful compositions for my product listings. Best of all, I love to do my work with the greenest possible footprint. Green Market Vintage sprung from an opportunity and its evolution continues to be a natural current in our family life. My beautiful daughter [ below ] is even my model!

What made you start an eco-friendly clothing business?
I started making recycled fashions because I am unstoppable as a maker and  when you make a lot of things you have to sell them or you become a Hoarder. I make recycled fashions because I believe I have to do my part to reduce waste and intervene in the demand for more new materials being manufactured. I also really do love using what I have on hand or can find. I am very proud to be inventive and resourceful. I prefer the re-use of existing materials, & embellishing with vintage & bohemian style supplies.
What are some of your favorites from your shop?
I’m pretty proud of a few Corset dresses that I have made that turned out SO GORGE!
And I feel pretty crafty about my fringe skirts that reuse animal skins that were unwanted or cast off.
little green dress a spotlight on eco-friendly fashion green market vintage2.jpg

Get your cowgirl on with some fringe

Do you have an eco friendly mantra that you live by?
Reduce, ReUse, Recycle. And then : Re-invent and Re-make. Aim for sustainability.


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