Little Green Dress

little green dress a spotlight on eco-friendly fashion

I’m back with another feature for the Little Green Dress Series! If you missed the first one last week featuring Rubypearl, you can catch it here. I was ‘window shopping’ on Etsy for some summer clothing and started to notice that there are some seriously talented people creating beautiful fashions that are eco-friendly. And I wondered, what would it look like to spotlight all of them in one place? [ like here?! ] This series is what came next.

I caught my breath a little when I saw this photo from Kimmi – by Kim McCormick and I HAD to get to know her

Tell us about Kimmi and how you came to start an eco-friendly fashion business

All aspects of environmentalism are super important to me so the decision to use recycled, reclaimed, upcycled materials just fell into place for me. I’ve always loved thrift shopping and when I started designing and couldn’t really afford all the beautiful laces I’d see in the fabric stores, I remembered all the lace curtains and tablecloths I’d see in the thrift stores. I started practicing with those and very quickly I discovered I preferred working with vintage pieces I’d discover because of the different qualities and history each piece has. This proved to result in one of a kind dresses which is very appealing to me and I think a lot of my customers, especially the brides. Everybody is one of a kind, their dress should be one of a kind for such a special day.

[ oh my gawd i almost died when i saw this dress ]

little green dress a spotlight on eco-friendly fashion kimmi Peter Jensen and Lyrel Media1

What role do you see yourself playing in shifting people’s perspectives about fashion and the environment?

I hope to show people the importance of sustainability in the fashion industry in particular, create an appreciation for ‘slow fashion’. help educate people to realize the huge, devastating, impact, ‘fast fashion’ has on our environment. I hope to show people the possibilities of using existing materials, and we have HUGE piles of existing textiles in the thrift stores! to create new clothing. to use what we already have. I’ve loved participating in Eco Fashion Week to show my creations and see what other artists and designers come up with using the same kind of supplies as well. I feel when people can see the possibilities, it opens their perspectives.

What are a couple of your favorite items from your shop?

little green dress a spotlight on eco-friendly fashion kimmi4

Photography by Photography by Lyrel Media and Peter Jensen

Do you have any eco-friendly mantras that you live by?

So, eating organic foods is pretty important to me. My husband and I started working in a local co-op, here in Seattle, many years ago and have helped it grow into on of the biggest organic co-ops in the country; PCC. It’s been mostly my husband working on that one, he’s worked there for almost 30 years! Me, I’m too much of an artist to stay in any kind of ‘traditional’ job setting for long! But I truly love the slow food movement : from the organic farmers to all the restaurants here who support them and create really delicious food.

To find more on Kim and her beautiful fashions, check out her shop on Etsy at Kimmi


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