Upcycle studio – floral bangle diy tutorial


So I was lost on pinterest one day when I found this [ I know – gasp, sigh and ‘so stinkin beautiful ‘ ]:

flower bracelet inspiration

I needed one so I started looking for the pieces. And got really frustrated. You think I could find any tacky floral costume jewelry in a thrift store when I WANTED to find it? No. So I kept my eyes open and kept looking and was begrudgingly patient.

*ps – even though I eventually found enough materials to make one I want to make more. Please help me pray to the thrift gods for retro look floral jewelry – I need all the support I can get.

Eventually I was prepared. I had:

flower bracelet tutorial4

  • A bangle bracelet
  • Some earrings I could chop up for the project
  • E6000 industrial glue [ I had been watching a lot of The Sorry Girls DIY videos and they use E6000 like it’s going out of style. I’ve linked here to a video where they use it to attach table legs to a base – that’s when I knew I had to get my hands on some of this gooey wonder. I am so excited that this is my first project with it – and it worked! Although beware it is SERIOUSLY fumey ]
  • Handy dandy pliers guys – I cannot live without these
  • Nail polish [ WTF you ask? I didn’t like the colors of one of the flower pieces and needed to ‘paint’ it in a way that would be durable ]

First up – I used my pliers to cut off the pieces I didn’t need.

flower bracelet tutorial3

Here’s when the nail polish came in and I ‘painted’ the overbearing pink-orange flower:

flower bracelet tutorial

Because it’s a round bangle and the E6000 needs to be able to set, I propped the bangle upright by laying the nailpolish bottle down on it’s base, and added my little pieces in a pattern that I liked:

flower bracelet tutorial7

Let it set for the recommended 24 – 72 hours for maximum durability and voila!

Ps – I’ve got news … I’ve re-opened my etsy shop and, if you like it, you can buy this one here: bracelet

flower bracelet tutorial6


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