Get ready for spring – Upcycle Studio Style – with our DIY flower crown tutorial


Spring is here with all it’s loveliness and we are ready to celebrate with flower crowns         [ because who doesn’t love flower crowns ]. And guess what guys? << This one was done with all repurposed material – you are welcome mother nature! >>

You may be too adult for a flower crown of your own, so just go find  a cute child who needs one. You can find cute children all over the place, but I encourage you to choose one who already belongs to your circle. Like your daughter, niece, or friend’s kid. I’ve been flower crowning it up for a market, but I’ll also likely give one of two to my niece Autumn who, in my opinion, is the most beautiful little girl around. Anyway, once you’ve found a child to make a crown for, or the bravery to wear one yourself, check out my DIY tutorial.

To start, you need a few things :

flower crown diy tutorial

This flower crown required these materials and tools:

  • artifical flowers [ I found these in the craft and decor sections of a couple thrift stores in town. You may also find some at your grandma’s house or left over after a wedding – just tossing those ideas out there ]
  • a head band : it doesn’t matter if you choose a thin or thick one, just make sure that if you use a thick one you have a lot of flowers, leaves or buds to make that baby look smoking hot
  • ribbon [ also from a thrift store craft section ]
  • pliers or scissors [ these are jewelry pliers I bought at Michael’s ]
  • a hot glue gun & glue [ this is my boyfriend’s industrial glue gun which is NOT required for this project, but do make sure that the glue you use is high quality and will stay strong for the long haul ]

flower crown diy tutorial3

First step, I didn’t want a black headband base, I wanted a pretty pink one, so I wrapped the headband with ribbon and glued it down along the way.

A tip here : it’s pretty tough to cover the ends of the headband perfectly so I was sure to pick a headband in a color that was neutral knowing that a little bit would stick out. Also, when you start off wrapping your headband, glue down the ribbon end and cover it as you wrap. When you finish up, cut the ribbon end and smear a bit of glue over it to sort of ‘seal’ it down.

flower crown diy tutorial4

Ready! Ok, now pick the flowers you want to use.

flower crown diy tutorial2

And use your pliers to clip off the parts you need. Decide how you want them arranged and start to attach them.

Tip : I recommend snipping the stem as close to the bud as you can. Most artificial flowers are actually made of pieces that you can pull apart – break it down to it’s smallest piece [ usually a stem or a bud ] so that you know it won’t fall apart once it’s put together. After you’ve pulled the leaves or buds off the stem, you likely still have a small plastic nub where the two pieces fit together, trim that down too trying to get as much surface area for your glue as possible. If you have wire stemmed artificial flowers, the wire may connect the bud to the stem. In that case, just hack away with your pliers until you’ve gotten through. It doesn’t have to be pretty since the base of the flower is going to be sitting on the headband anyway, but be careful to keep the flower piece intact. Also, don’t forget the leaves. In nature, flowers grow on stems, with leaves. Your flower crown will look even cuter if you be sure to add some green.

flower crown diy tutorial6

I like to do the big pieces first and then add tiny details around it. Choose small buds, tiny leaves, or tiny flowers in colors that fit your project.

flower crown diy tutorial7

flower crown diy tutorial8

Once you’ve got this down get adventurous. Try a true crown by creating a wire base that fits around the top of your head. Build a bigger base with leaves and create a lush flower garden look. Or add some jewels for something a little posh. If you are inspired to try it, I’d love to hear about it.

Talk soon!




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