Sleeping naked is green – book review


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Found this book in a thrift store – check one eco-friendly box right there for thrift shopping.


Then found out that Vanessa Farquharson is an everyday eco-role model for the general people of the planet [ re: us ]. Her plan was to try out a new eco-practice in her daily routine each day for a year starting with things like turning the lights off, recycled toilet paper, and no car on weekends. She ends up determining that sleeping naked is green because wearing less clothing means doing fewer loads of laundry which is good for the planet.

vanessa farquharson

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Vanessa’s [ yes, I am assuming we are on a first name basis now ] writing style incorporates her sense of humor, wit and charm in a novel-length brainstorm session about eco-practices that can make our lives more enjoyable, save us money, and save the planet.

I loved reading about Vanessa’s plan to Shower in the dark. She asks herself ‘Why have I never taken a shower in the dark before? It’s the perfect way to wake up while still denying the existence of daylight and all forthcoming responsibility’. I couldn’t help but agree. Why haven’t I thought of peeing in the dark? Or brushing my teeth in it? Drinking my morning coffee without the lights on to allow my body to adjust to daylight on it’s own? I think we’ve become quite attached to seeing while we are doing, but if we don’t have to see WHAT we are doing, doing it in the dark doesn’t make it a terrible experience.

sleeping naked is green 2

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Vanessa’s challenge to Write smaller and use both sides of the page to save paper also stood out to me. I’ve had a sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach for a long while watching what a paper-driven work force I participate in and have wanted to find a way to re-use some of that paper for a long while. I’ve now allocated a drawer in my desk to the torn off blank paper remnants at the bottom of an office memo or printed form and plan to try my hand at making notebooks using thrifted art cards for covers. Stay tuned for more.


photo from Unsplash

Giving up her car, unplugging her refrigerator, skipping the gown at the doctor’s office, and no toilet paper for number one demonstrate that Vanessa is a brave soul, willing to try any eco-practice on for size. Her ability to plan out and write about 366 days of eco practice inspires us to look for planet-friendly alternatives no matter what we are doing.

I feel it must be next to impossible to read this book and not feel inspired to make some changes in lifestyle habit and I would give this book a solid 4 out of 5 in the completely subjective rating system I just made up in my head.



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