Upcycle Studio – Save some trees with junk mail art collages for your mailbox



Dear mail delivery person,

I am good on junk mail, thank you. I know you are doing your job – I appreciate the job that you do. But I feel that I have received my lifetime quota of flyers. And I don’t want anymore.

Flyers are made of paper, paper is made of trees, trees filter our air, and I’d rather they stick around to do that. We don’t need to buy anything in there either – if we need something, we know it. We’ll go get it. I appreciate the concern, but we can take care of ourselves. Buying all that junk isn’t good for the environment and if we’re being honest, people don’t usually need more, they just think they do.

When I was looking for a printable sign to put on my door, I couldn’t find anything polite, and a little bit cool. So I made my own. I hope you like it.


Sarah Grace


Want to make your own junk mail art? There are no rules for this one. For each of the posters above I cut out magazines and fliers into interesting shapes, arranged in colors that looked good together. I glued the pieces together and then went searching for a stencil. Sorry, I was so excited and on a roll, I forgot to take photos of the different steps.

Being a nature lover, I picked a bear.

Being a pug owner [ shout out to the Little Wayne, my pug and the love of my life ], I picked a pug.

I traced the stencil onto my flier collage and cut it out – gluing the pieces down onto white paper for a photo. I could have done the reverse, choosing thick white paper and cutting the shape out to overlay on my flier collage, but I didn’t have any thick enough paper for the job. Snap the photo, upload, and mosie on over to Canva – one of my new favorite sites where you can edit your image to your heart’s content.




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